Top 8: Fields of Gold

Battle Round

Blind Audition

Los Angeles in the Wintertime

Hello again! Strange news, I've auditioned for The Voice. It's a television show on NBC. You may not have a TV set. That's ok. You could call up a friend or head to your local pub and ask them nicely to change the soccer tourney to The Voice - which is a television show on NBC. It premieres Monda...

Autumn in and out of Traverse City

Fall is finally here and I'm in Los Angeles missing the best of Northern Michigan. Oh well, the sushi is damn good out here. I hope your summer was full of wonderful things! We just got back from the Earthwork Harvest Gathering. A little damp, but otherwise satiated. Got to reconnect with friends...


Pic from Starlight Six session at Big Sky

Mountains of Snow

It's been a busy winter so far! Big move to Traverse City, lots of solo shows, work with kids and snow shoveling. I was honored to present at Tedx Muskegon this past fall. Here's my Ted Talk, "Over the Wall and Gone" about the Run Across Palestine and A Miracle of Birds. More soon - stay warm!


It Won't Be Long

Thanks to Matthew Burns and his crew and Bell's Brewery!

Spring and All

Besides the suprise appearance of a lake in our basement, we're having a lovely Spring in the Mitten. We're considering stocking it with trout if the rain keeps coming. Hope you're staying dry and treasuring the new life that's sprouting left and right. Keep reading for the latest happenings and ...

A Miracle of Birds

A year from the RAP, A Miracle of Birds has arrived and It's been so exciting to finally get these songs and stories out into the world. The band and I have been having an incredible time on the Michigan release tour and hope to see you on the second leg of it: Marquette, Livonia, Traverse City,...

House of Princes

I had a wonderful time yesterday with John Sinkevics on Local Spins Live (WJRW Grand Rapids). We talked about A Miracle of Birds and the upcoming release tour. Check out his article on WWW.LOCALSPINS.COM

Here's a video of "House of Princes" from the session. Enjoy!


New year, new album, new site!


Thanks to all the talented and wonderful people that put their hearts, hands and time into my new album, "A Miracle of Birds". It's going to be out in February and I can't wait for you to hear it! Half of the proceeds from the album sales will go back to On the Ground to continue the...

Bundle up, people!

It's cold out there, but the winds don't blow in the digital realm. Cozy up to your screen for a few and let me spin you a yarn. It's been a busy fall working on the finishing touches to my upcoming release, "A Miracle of Birds" based on my travels with ON THE GROUND in the West Bank. I'm plannin...

Summer is almost gone

My summer has been wonderful and hectic and dreamy and substantial. Yours? I've been balancing tons of gigs with working on my new record and enjoying a bit of vacation with my family. The album will be released this fall and is tentatively titled, "Over the Wall and Gone". If you're just arrivin...

Getting Ready

Hello interwebs! April has been a busy one, spinning all the plates - dropping a few, learning to unicycle and make omelets all at the same time. Knee deep in writing songs for my new album based on my experience on the Run Across Palestine. Thanks to ISLAND, I'll be inhabiting a lovely house in ...

Back in the States!

What an incredible, moving experience the Run Across Palestine was! I'm thankful to be back home in the States and with my ladies. Thank you for all of your support and well wishes! There's a beautiful 7 part documentary series called "The People and the Olive" from Aaron Dennis and Jacob Wheeler...